CBUA-SGV Ratings Program

San Gabriel Valley Baseball Officials Association Ratings Program

The CBUA-SGV Board has developed a plan to reinstate the Ratings Program.  The Ratings Program will consist of a rating system that will used as a tool by our assignor to properly assign umpires to the appropriate levels available in high school baseball (Varsity, Junior Varsity or Freshman). At the beginning of each season, members will have receive a numeric rating based on evaluations on their game performance from the prior season. These ratings will be determined as follows:

Umpires that have an excellent track record of consistently submitting complete and thorough evaluations in at least 75% of their 2-man games, will be asked to continue to do so. All umpires are welcome to submit evaluations but will no longer be required to do so.

All umpires, especially those who primarily work 1-man games, who feel their rating is inaccurate should contact any member of the Board to arrange to be re-evaluated.

Partners will automatically receive a copy of each completed evaluation via email.

The Ratings Committee will review all submissions throughout the season and keep track of them in a spreadsheet. From this data, ratings will be determined and applied to each umpire accordingly.

Below are the numeric ratings and their associated description:

100 – This umpire will have the skills to be a Crew Chief for High School Varsity games.  This individual should be proficient in approved High School 3-Person Mechanics.  Excellent game management skills are a must for this rating. Playoff/Final eligible.

150 – This umpire will have the skills to be a Crew Chief for High School Varsity games and be proficient in approved High School 2-Person Mechanics.  This individual should have knowledge of and ability to work approved High School 3-Person Mechanics if assigned.  Playoff eligible.

200 – This umpire will have the skills to work all Varsity levels and should have some 3-Person Mechanics training to be scheduled for playoff games.

250 – This umpire will have the skills to work higher level Junior Varsity games and lower level Varsity games.

300 – This umpire will have the skills to work Junior Varsity games.

400 – This umpire will have the skills to work higher level Frosh-Soph games and lower level Junior Varsity games.  These are typically 2nd Year Members.

500 – This umpire will have the skills to work Frosh-Soph games.  These are typically Rookies and/or 1st Year Members.

Lastly, below are some general comments on completing evaluations:

Evaluations can be completed on some smartphones.  You might want to consider completing your evaluation immediately after your postgame with your partner.

Evaluations are intended to be constructive, not destructive.  Please take this into consideration when completing your evaluations.

Constructive written feedback, in addition to the numeric scores, is helpful.  Please share thoughts like “good strike zone” and “nice timing on calls” instead of generic comments like “good job”.  If improvement is needed, please include specific comments like “uniform wrinkled” or “late getting into position to make the call at 1st base”.

Do not include anything that you did not share with your partner during your game and/or postgame.  We should all be professional enough to give and receive feedback intended to make us personally better and improve as a Unit.